Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

It's been ten days now since Bronchitis set in and ruined my winter vacation but I'm officially done wallowing. With New Year's Eve rapidly approaching I feel compelled to reflect back on 2009 and look ahead to 2010. During numerous conversations with friends I declared that 2009 had passed me by when the truth is that I let it pass me by. I got caught up in volunteerism, school stuff, sickness and family drama and missed out on all of the good stuff, the important stuff.

It's true 2009 has not been a very good year. We were plagued with illness and injury and medical bills galore but as I always tell my kids, it could have been worse. I have been blessed with: a wonderful family, many good friends, a nice home, great neighbors, fabulous teachers and my husband has a great job with health insurance. The list of good things goes on and on.

So this year while I have many resolutions, the main one is to focus on myself. While that may seem a tad narcissistic it is an absolute must. For years I have focused my life on making everyone around me happy without ever really thinking about what makes me happy. This year I will not let life pass me by. I plan on letting my guard down, trying new things and seeing where life takes me.

So here goes, My New Years Resolutions for 2010:

1. Focus on my health: exercise, decrease stress level and eat healthier food
2. Discover new hobbies
3. Take a little time each day for myself: reading, writing, listening to music, meditating, etc.
4. Enjoy my kids: I spend so much time trying to do and be everything for them that sometimes I forget to enjoy spending time with them
5. Enjoy life: each day is a gift

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  1. I feel the same that 2009 passed me by, and I too think I just let it. However, the difference is I feel like it passed me by because I was lazy. Taking a break from doing, doing, doing, is important, but it needs to be balanced. Otherwise, you end up wasting a year just being lazy. I hope you see through your plan of taking time for yourself by doing good things for yourself to help keep you happy, healthy, and sane. My new resolutions are also to help create some balance in my life. So here's to a more balanced, not-so-crazy, fun and exciting year!