Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Brought Home a Souvenir

"Mom, don't freak out. I'm o.k. but I brought home a souvenir". That's what Alex said when he came home from baseball practice early this evening. Me freak out. What would I have to freak out about other than the humongous contusion on his left hand. You know, the hand that he writes with.

Long story short, Alex got hit with a pitch while at batting practice today. Only my kid would endure the rest of the practice before telling someone how bad it was. "Hey dad, look at the souvenir I'm taking home today". Uh do we really need to explain that souvenirs are from trips not injuries sustained from playing sports? I guess we do.

Thankfully no broken bones just a nasty contusion with lots of swelling. A nice splint and rest for about a week or so and he should be good as new.

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