Monday, October 11, 2010

Gluten Free, The Way To Be

Gluten Free is the way to be. Well, at least in our household. After having a love/hate relationship with my oldest son's wheat/dairy allergy for the past 4 years I've decided once again to embrace the challenges set before me. So just like the movie Julie and Julia, I've purchased more gluten free cookbooks and will be trying to make a new gluten/dairy free recipe every couple of days.

A Gluten Free diet really is a lot healthier for you and my whole family feels a lot better when we eat this way. Well, minus the dairy free part. It's probably not all that healthy for me but I feel like it's my soul mate. I just can't give up dairy.

Fortunately I've found a great new cookbook written by the Owner of the shop Baby Cakes in New York. I've tried a few recipes in the past and they were delicious. Some of the ingredients sound and smell disgusting but seem to have this perfect little symbiotic relationship going on. On the menu today was pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips. Gluten free flour, coconut oil, baking powder and soda, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, salt and pumpkin sweetened with agave nectar. My family gives them two thumbs up, even my husband who is super picky.

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