Sunday, January 1, 2012

Family Style

It's December 31st, you and your spouse have been sick for days, but you still have to ring in the New Year somehow. So how do you do it? Family style. That's what we did. 12 Balloons to pop and give us inspiration.

So what did we do?
1. Created a new set of House Rules that are both funny and serious.
2. Wrote and illustrated a funny comic strip as a family. Let's just say it involved our dog, Spencer and some of the unmentionables he likes to eat. Yep, it's gross, but I'm surrounded by boys so what did you expect?
3. Rocked the night with some family-friendly Karoke.
4. Played an LCR card game.
5. Made donuts (gluten free of course). They were yummy.
6. Tried a craft from Pinterest as a family.
7. Played a game called Endango and saved a few animals along the way.
8. Got into our jammies for a relaxing evening.
9. Made some New Years Resolutions and reminisced over 2011. I used the flip to record a Q & A session with the boys. Their answers were hilarious.
10. Watched some funny cartoons. Who doesn't love Looney Tunes?
11. After many worthy suggestions, Max came up with our Family Motto for the year ahead. Keep on Truckin.
12. 12 grapes at midnight, a toast with some bubbly (a 2011 bottle of Welch's finest) and dancing to Party Rock by LMFAO. Oh yeah, and a Silly String fight. My kids think I'm the coolest mom ever.

I'm exhausted. What did you do to ring in the New Year?

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