Sunday, March 6, 2011

Picture Imperfect

Some families send out Photo Cards at Christmas. With the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and baking I figure picture taking is just one more task on my lengthy to do list that I could do without. Every year I justify to myself and others that I don't bother sending photo cards at Christmas because it's just too stressful. Why not save myself the hassle and send cards out on one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick's Day. What I fail to remember is just how stressful the St. Patrick's Day photo sessions can be. The kids are tired of being cooped up all winter and can't sit still long enough to take a quick photo. The session usually ends with my husband and I yelling at the kids and proclaiming "well, that one is good enough, I just can't take it any more". Here are some of the photos that didn't make the cut.

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