Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Dental Floss Bandit Strikes Again!

I awoke this morning and discovered a multitude of dental floss strewn throughout my house.  There were piles on tables, sinks, in garbage cans and on door knobs and suddenly I realized that the dental floss bandit had struck once again.  There was only one person to whom I could attribute this mess, my oldest son, Alex.  Yes once again we have another loose tooth.

Now in my family growing up every loose tooth came out via a long strand of dental floss.  One end securely attached to the loose tooth and the other tied to the bathroom door.  While Alex is thoroughly intrigued with this method he is absolutely terrified when it comes time to execute.  We have tried several times to yank a ripe tooth but to no avail as Alex chickens out at the last minute.  Every now and again when he thinks we aren't looking Alex takes out the dental floss and tries to yank it on his own.  So far he has not yet met with success and I am beginning to think we should by stock in Johnson & Johnson.

1 comment:

  1. That totally cracks me up! I hope the tooth fairy comes for him soon and compensates him for his efforts :)