Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello my name is Oscar

I have spent the better part of my day awaiting a call back from my doctor's office.  A call I should mention that I placed on Friday.  All of this waiting has put me in a very cantankerous mood so much so that I think I'm now channeling Oscar the Grouch.

The waiting is bad enough but the inane conversations with the receptionist are by far the worst.  I feel so helpless pleading my case to what is often a young girl on the other end of the telephone who is more interested in filing her nails than taking my call.  Then the minute I hang up the phone the panic sets it.  Did she actually take down my number correctly?  Will my message actually make it to the doctor or will that hot pink message slip be used to dispose of the gum that she has been cracking the entire time we've been on the phone?

So as I sit here typing I am overcome with many emotions: anger, frustration, annoyance and helplessness.  I can only hope that the nurse whom I just spoke with can take a better message and that I might actually speak to my doctor sometime this year.

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