Friday, March 13, 2009

Luke & The Sith Lord

I am constantly asking myself how my two children can be so different and have yet to come up with an answer.  I should probably just stop asking.  Right now they are currently in a Star Wars phase.  Everything centers around Star Wars including their nicknames.

Alex (Luke) is six.  He is smart, compassionate, loving and such an old soul.  He is a loyal friend, son, classmate and mediator.  He has already mastered the art of communication and can make friends with just about anyone.

Max (The Sith Lord) is three.  Need I say more.  He can be sweet, loving and down right adorable when he wants to or he can easily turn to the dark side.  He preys on the weak including his brother and shows no mercy as he smiles while jumping on your back, chest or vital organs.  He doesn't believe in playing with toys but rather enjoys taking them apart or watching them break.

I often stare at my kids in amazement and wonder how the same set of parents could produce such different offspring.  Love it or hate it they are who they are and I love them to pieces.

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  1. i often wonder the same thing its crazy how different we all are a such a young age